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Dear Saint Joseph, chosen by God to be the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus, I ask you to please intercede before our Heavenly Father for His protection, provision, and peace.  Help me sell the homes I list for my clients and find new ones, suitable for their needs.  Amen.

Dear Saint Anthony, God has made you a powerful friend for those looking for something of value.  Please help use this site and all social media endeavors and all forms of prospecting I do to speedily find more

  • new home sellers who all listen to my advice and guidance,  list their properties immediately with me, are a joy to work with and receive at least full-price offers with no contingencies for their homes and they use me to purchase their new homes quickly and effortlessly;
  • home buyers who are well-qualified financially, see my value, who see my value and listen to my recommendations and suggestions, and are readily able to purchase a property immediately at a price point well over $400,000;
  • buyers for the properties I list who are well-qualified financially, who are ready to complete a purchase for full-price and contract with no contingencies for the property immediately, and who all close the transactions quickly;
  • unrepresented buyers who see my value, want me to write a full-price offer acceptable for my sellers who are well-qualified financially who are ready to complete the purchase for the property I have listed, and who close the transaction quickly and effortlessly while listing to my advice and guidance
  • referral partners in consumers and industry professionals who all refer me, well-qualified clients, to purchase or sell properties 

Guide me to the place God has for me, as I keep in mind "By wisdom is a house built, by understanding is it made firm" (Proverbs 24;3).  Through your prayer, may God help me to find these things mentioned above, to be close to Jesus, and to always find Him in my heart.  Amen.