There is an art to pricing and Robbie English approaches CMAs different because accurate pricing is a crucial element for both buyers and sellers. However, not all real estate professionals approach property pricing the same way. Enter Robbie English, a national instructor and real estate broker, who stands out for his unique approach to pricing properties. Unlike many in the industry, Robbie steers clear of the conventional methods like price per square foot and quick Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs), opting instead for a more comprehensive and accurate pricing strategy.

The Pitfalls of Price Per Square Foot and Quick CMAs:  Many real estate agents rely on price per square foot and quick CMAs as shortcuts to determine property values. However, these methods often oversimplify the complex factors that contribute to a property's true worth. Price per square foot fails to account for various nuances, such as the property's condition, location, and specific improvements. Quick CMAs, while faster, may not consider the subtle details that could significantly impact a property's market value.

Robbie English's Strategic Pricing Approach:  

Robbie English stands out by adopting a pricing strategy that aligns more closely with real estate appraisers. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of price per square foot, Robbie recognizes the need for personalized adjustments. As a national instructor, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, allowing him to make accurate assessments of a property's value.

Robbie English's Accurate Adjustments and Considerations:  

One of the key aspects of Robbie English's pricing strategy is his ability to make appropriate adjustments. He takes into account various factors, including recent improvements to the property, its unique features, and the overall market conditions. This thorough approach ensures that the property is priced accurately, reflecting its true value in the current market.

Robbie English's Advanced Market Knowledge:  

Unlike some real estate professionals who might be tempted to tell sellers what they want to hear, I prioritize transparency and honesty. I do not engage in market manipulation by inflating prices to appease sellers. Instead, I provide sellers with a realistic assessment, even when it might be a bitter pill to swallow. This commitment to integrity ensures that clients receive pricing recommendations that are genuinely in their best interest.  I also provide you with more market information than most other brokers to better substantiate my assessments about how I believe the market will interpret your home being presented to it.

Robbie English Provides Dependable and Accurate Results:  

By approaching CMAs with the precision of a real estate appraiser, I deliver more accurate and dependable results. Now, I am not claiming to be an appraiser, I am a real estate broker with vast amounts of experience in researching pricing and price adjustments (so much so that I teach classes on it nationally.). Sellers can trust that the suggested price aligns with the property's true market value, reducing the risk of overpricing or underpricing. This approach also benefits buyers, who can make informed decisions based on fair and realistic property valuations.

In the realm of real estate, where pricing can make or break a deal, my approach sets me apart as a qualified, educated, experienced, and reliable real estate professional who provides results. By eschewing traditional shortcuts and embracing a more nuanced pricing strategy, my practices ensure that my clients receive accurate, transparent, and dependable property pricing information. In a real estate market that demands expertise and integrity, my practices enables me to stand out as a beacon of excellence in real estate pricing.

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