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Sit down with me and let's chit chat. I'd love to talk about real estate and I hope you're here for it too!  I'm focused on going the extra mile in representing my real estate clients. I'm experienced, educated, and entrusted by my clients to handle their real estate needs.

So get comfortable and let's talk about real estate and the issues surrounding living and working in different areas of Texas. If you have a particular question or would just like to chat about real estate, look in the description of every video to find my contact information. I'd love to hear from you!

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Understanding Cedar Park's Rising Home Prices: 5 Key Factors
Robbie English, a real estate broker and instructor based in Texas, explores the five main factors driving up home prices in Cedar Park. Highlighting Cedar Park's economic growth, job opportunities, high quality of life, excellent schools, and buyer incentives, English explains why the area remains a sellers' market. The video also touches on how attractions like recreational facilities and a family-friendly environment are drawing people to Cedar Park. For more in-depth analysis, viewers are encouraged to
What Is The Difference Between A Buyer Agent and a Seller Agent in Texas
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2023 - Have a contract for a home and NOW WHAT?
One of the most challenging times in a real estate transaction occurs once you have negotiated the real estate contract for the property you want. Moving forward through inspections and all of the things you have to take care of before the day of closing overwhelms most. Join us in discussing the contract to the closing period of time in Texas real estate.
Buying in Texas in 2023: What You Must Know - Pt 1
Buying a new home can be extremely exciting and costly if you do not know what you are doing. Going it alone can cause some expensive mistakes especially if you are from another state or country. Having an educated and experienced agent is your first line of defense. It’s always a good idea to have your real estate attorney join in as well if you have one. But when it comes to hiring attorneys, please understand you need to find one that has real estate experience. Please understand we are not attorney
Buying in Texas in 2023: What You Must Know - Pt 2
Buying a new home can be extremely exciting and costly if you do not know what you are doing. Going it alone can cause some expensive mistakes especially if you are from another state or country. Having an educated and experienced agent is your first line of defense. It’s always a good idea to have your real estate attorney join in as well if you have one. But when it comes to hiring attorneys, please understand you need to find one that has real estate experience. Please understand we are not attorney
2023 Top 5 Things Californians Need to Know Moving to Austin Texas
Don’t move to Austin before knowing these things! Moving to Texas from California can be quite a culture shock for some. The way real estate is conducted in California is vastly different from the great state of Texas. With Austin Texas continue to grow in popularity and even being named the #1 place to relocate (, we want to better enable you to make a more informed decision on moving to Austin. And, once you’ve decided to move to Austin, we want to make sure yo
Living in Stone Oak (San Antonio Texas)
San Antonio’s growth continues at epic proportion with Northeast San Antonio (Loop 1604 and Hwy 281) estimated to be the future center of San Antonio. The Stone Oak area of San Antonio is right in the epicenter and is an area of San Antonio not to be overlooked. The Stone Oak area offers amazing shopping opportunities, access to great hospitals, and a plethora of neighborhoods. Join us as we talk about the amazing area of Stone Oak, situated on today’s Northeast side of San Antonio. #stoneoakSanAntonio
Best Places to Live in Austin: North or South
Austin is an amazing city to live or visit. With plenty of activities and adventures to be had, Austinites typically fall into one category or another for their neighborhood preference, preferring one side of the river or the other. That body of water is Lady Bird Lake which is part of the Colorado River that flows through the city of Austin. Join our co-hosts as they ‘duke it out’ over which side of the river is better. Thankfully, all of our co-hosts have lived on both sides of the river and personall
Top 5 Questions BEFORE Selling
Let's talk about the Top 5 Questions You Need to Know the Answers to BEFORE Selling your home. We are happy to discuss with you the questions you should be asking agents and the answers you should be getting from the agents before you decide to entrust your property to them. We believe that not only experience but advanced education in working with sellers and representing their property in the best light is what listing agents need to be focused on to make sure your experience selling your house is the
Living in Austin's Tech Corridor
When it comes to buying a home in Austin when you work in the tech industry, finding a neighborhood that is suitable for you and reasonably close to your company's offices if you go in every day can be challenging. Consumers have an array of areas to choose from however today we are highlighting 3 distinct areas for consideration when you need to live in Austin's tech corridor. #technology #tech #austintexas #techcompanies #techcompany #austintexas #austin
The Reality of TV Real Estate Shows
Real estate based reality shows have become increasingly popular with viewers across the world. Whether it is a home renovation show, a show about renovating or moving, one on the real estate agents in a particular market, or even joining everyday folks on their 30-minute journey to buy a home in xyz town. But not everything you see on these ‘reality’ shows represents real estate accurately. Although you might obtain some new decorating ideas, not much else represents valuable content outside the dramatic
Home Tour: South Austin Oasis
Tour this beautiful South Austin home with me! Want to know more? Reach out, let's talk!
3 Tips to Survive the Design Center
Top 5 Austin Vegan Restaurants
No matter what diet you follow, vegan or otherwise, you won't want to skip any of the top five vegan restaurants in Austin, Texas. Austin's restaurant scene is known around the world, and we have outstanding restaurants of all types. It was difficult to choose just five of our best vegan spots to feature here! Mr. Natural has been serving vegan Tex-Mex out of locations on South Lamar and Cesar Chavez for many decades. The same family has operated this essential Austin restaurant since 1988. Visit Mr. Natura
Dog Friendly New Braunfels
Are you looking for DOG FRIENDLY bars and restaurants in New Braunfels, Texas? Suzanne and I ask our dogs, Jessi and Kelli "what are the best and friendliest patios in New Braunfels?" I also spend some time at Puppy Playland, an amazing dog park here where Jessi and Kelli meet other friendly dogs almost every day.
Decluttering Your Garage
The garage is so important to many buyers. Garage space is desirable for parking cars, creating a home gym, setting up a workshop or hobby, and storage! No matter what a buyer intends to do with that garage space, the more empty and open it is, the more space it will appear to have.
How to Stage Your Home: Plants!
Should you paint before you sell?
Many people wonder whether they should paint their home before they sell. Using a neutral color with a single finish through the whole house can make rooms look bigger. A fresh coat of paint also shows buyers that your home is well cared-for!
These Small Home Repairs Can Make a Big Impact
Learn about minor repairs that can add value to your home as you prepare to sell! You can do these yourself or hire someone to help out. Either way, these will make a big impact on how buyers see your home.
Today's Staging Tip: Time to Clean
Deep cleaning your home will really pay off when your buyers are seeing the home!
Depersonalizing your home helps buyers to imagine themselves living there. Remove pictures of people and pets. Pack up any personal memorabilia and religious items.
Does home staging really work?
Whether or not to stage a home is a big question for many home sellers. In this short video, I'll share some stats that can help you decide whether to stage your home.
Getting an Offer Accepted
If you're thinking about moving to Central Texas, let me give you a little heads-up regarding what to expect and how to prepare for moving here. Also, if you're curious why everybody is doing this, I share some of common reason. Its Texas, ya'll.
Is your home vacant? Don’t miss this crucial step.
Many home sellers choose to move out of their homes before putting them on the market. If you choose to do this, it's important to have the right home insurance coverage.
Home Buyers: Do This First!
You know you need to be pre-approved before you shop for homes. Did you know that you can actually go one step further? Getting a full credit pre-approval can help your offer stand out.
Don’t be surprised by that fridge
When you're shopping for a home and you see something in the home that you want to keep, make sure to verify whether that item comes with the home. This can apply to refrigerators, washers and dryers, chandeliers and artwork.
Is it better to buy the expensive home in a neighborhood?
The answer may surprise you! It's important to consider surrounding home values when choosing an ideal home to buy.
Don’t Buy a Home Before You See Its CLUE Report!
As you're deciding which home to buy, it's important to know how much the home will cost to insure. Your insurance agent should be able to help you with an estimate. You should also ask them to provide a CLUE report, which will contain a history of recent claims filed on the home. Information in the CLUE report can identify issues that the seller may not be aware of, and the inspector may not be able to see.
How to Prepare Your Home to Sell
How to Prepare Your Austin Home for a Freeze
Today I have four steps that you can take right now to get your Austin home ready for the freezing weather! This first step is one to do before the first freeze, and before the weather even starts to get cold. Pick a nice day, open your doors, and fire up that heater! There are two reasons for this. First, you will burn off the dust that has been collecting over the summer. Second, you will make sure everything is working well. If you need something repaired, it’s best to find out before the temperature hit
Moving to Austin Texas - What You Need to Know
Do not move to Austin Texas until you watch this video. I am going to share three things you need to know about Austin! The first thing you need to know about is the weather. Austin is known for its hot and humid weather. That’s no secret! We have air conditioning, we have swimming holes, and we are ready for the hot weather. However, it does get cold here, yall. Now, our definition of cold may be a little different than other places, so let me give you some specifics. The temperature in Austin, at Camp Mab
Living in Austin Texas - Travis Heights Neighborhood
Travis Heights is on the south side of Ladybird Lake just across from downtown Austin, bordering the Bouldin Creek neighborhood. From Travis Heights, it takes about ten minutes to get downtown, less than five minutes to IH 35. Mopac is fifteen minutes away, and Ben White is about seven minutes. For groceries, you can visit the HEB right on the edge of the neighborhood. You can also cross Ladybird Lake and visit the Whole Foods flagship store, which is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner! They h
New Braunfels Model Home Tour | HIGHLAND HOMES
Moving to New Braunfels? Let's take a tour of a model home in MEYER RANCH about 20 minutes northwest of downtown New Braunfels! Of course, by the time I post this model home tour video of the "Denton" by HIGHLAND HOMES, everything about it may change. Things are happening fast around here! Who cares, let's take a look and you can reach out to me if you have any questions!
Living in Austin Texas - Barton Hills Neighborhood
Barton Hills is located in between the Zilker neighborhood and Barton Creek and borders Zilker Park. Anyone in Barton Hills has easy access to the spring-fed Barton Springs Pool. From Barton Hills, it’s about a ten minute drive to downtown Austin or to the St. Edward’s University campus. It’s a six to ten minute drive to get to a variety of grocery stores, including Whole Foods, HEB, Sprouts Market, Wheatsville Co-op, Target and Central Market. Barton Hills is bordered by two main streets for restaurants an
Living in Austin Texas - Zilker Neighborhood
Have you ever thought about living in Austin’s Zilker Neighborhood? If so, this video is for you! Be sure to stick around to the end of the video, where we will take a drive through some of the neighborhood streets! The Zilker neighborhood is located within a few minutes of Downtown Austin. It’s bordered by Ladybird Lake, South Lamar Boulevard, the Barton Hills neighborhood, and Barton Skyway. It takes about eight minutes to get to Mopac or Loop 1, about seven minutes to get to the Ben White freeway, and ab
Living in Austin Texas - Bouldin Creek
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in Austin’s Bouldin Creek neighborhood? If so, stay tuned. We’re going to talk about all things Bouldin Creek today. Bouldin Creek is located in Austin, just south of Ladybird Lake. People living in Bouldin Creek have easy access to several grocery stores, including HEB, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target and Wheatsville Coop. In Bouldin Creek are South Congress Avenue and South First Street, which feature a variety of outstanding shops, restaurants and bakeries. Ment

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