Celebrating Good Friday: Many Real Estate Agents Are Still Working to Represent Their Clients

In a world where holidays often mean leisure and family time, it's not uncommon to find individuals across various professions enjoying a well-deserved break on Good Friday and the subsequent Easter weekend. Yet, amidst the festivities and relaxation, there's a group of dedicated professionals (among others) who continue to diligently serve their clients on holidays and typical days off: real estate agents.

We work weekends too

As social media platforms buzz with discussions about real estate agent commissions and criticisms about the profession, let's take a moment to remember how hard we work -- you know, your real estate agents.  You see, while many Americans are relishing time off with loved ones, most real estate agents are out in the field, facilitating property showings, negotiating deals, and addressing the diverse needs of their clients because that is what we do.

The Professional Commitment

Contrary to popular belief, the life of a real estate agent extends far beyond the traditional nine-to-five schedule. While they operate within standard business hours, they also understand the importance of flexibility. This flexibility is not merely a perk but a necessity in an industry where timing can significantly impact transactions.

Good Friday and the Easter weekend serve as poignant reminders of this commitment in the midst of attacks about commissions and how we work to best represent our clients. While others unwind, real estate agents remain accessible, ensuring that their clients' interests are safeguarded. They recognize that the decision to buy or sell a property isn't confined to weekdays and acknowledge the significance of being available during pivotal moments in their clients' lives.

Navigating Criticisms with Grace

In recent times, real estate agents have faced scrutiny regarding their commissions and perceived work ethics. The portrayal of our profession in news articles and social media discussions often lacks nuance, failing to acknowledge the multifaceted nature of our roles, our accessibility, and the time we spend away from family representing our clients. However, amidst the noise, real estate agents continue to exemplify professionalism and resilience.

Rather than succumbing to negativity, my colleagues channel their energy into providing exceptional service. We understand that their success is intrinsically linked to the satisfaction of their clients. By prioritizing transparency, communication, and integrity, they debunk stereotypes and foster trust within our industry.  

The Human Element of Real Estate

At its core, real estate is about more than transactions and property listings. It's about forging meaningful connections guiding individuals through significant milestones and being available when our clients need us (which is typically not limited to the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday except holidays and weekends.)  We, real estate agents serve as catalysts for change, facilitating transitions that shape the lives of their clients.  We know that we have to be available when our clients are available and today serves as a perfect reminder of this fact.

This Easter weekend, as families gather and communities come together, let us pause to think, to change the narrative about real estate agents, and remember that it is our dedication to our clients that enables our clients to find homes to purchase and for sellers, their homes to sell.  It is our commitment to excellence, even on holidays, underscores their unwavering resolve to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

As we commemorate Good Friday and embark on the Easter weekend, let us remember to extend our gratitude to the real estate agents who work tirelessly behind the scenes. It is our unwavering dedication, even on holiday weekends, even amidst criticism and misconceptions in the media about how we work and get paid that enables you to move, your property to sell, and for buyer and sellers mutually to move to the next phases in their lives.

So, the next time you have the fleeting thought that you do not need a real estate agent, you could do our job easily, or that an app could replace us, you might want to think again.   And when you do, remember we work holidays, and it has taken years to curate the knowledge and experience to handle the nuances and variables that clients present us with daily. Today is just a perfect and timely reminder of our dedication to our clients.  Now, off to meet another client.

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!

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