The Five Reasons You Need A Competent Real Estate Broker

The necessity of having an educated and competent real estate broker in your corner hasn’t changed but has rather been strengthened due to the projections of higher mortgage interest rates & home prices as the market continues to recover. As the demand continues to strengthen in the area you will need your own real estate broker (not just agent) to guide you successfully through all the aspects of your sale.

1.  What do you do with all this paperwork?  

Texas has regulations regarding the contracts required for a successful sale, and these regulations are constantly changing. I am one of the foremost experts in the Texas real estate market especially when it comes to paperwork.  I will 100% be able to guide you through the stacks of paperwork necessary to make your dream a reality.

2.  Ok, so you found your dream house, now what?  

Did you know that there are over 230 possible actions that need to take place during every successful real estate transaction? Don’t you want someone who has been there before, who knows what these actions are to make sure that you acquire your dream?  I am happy to help you know what to expect before it happens.  I teach real estate agents nationally how to work the way I do with my clients.  Because you are looking for a property in the real estate markets where I work, I have the esteemed pleasure of working with you.

Use a Professional REALTOR

3.  Are you a good negotiator?  

So maybe you’re not convinced that you need an agent to buy a home or help you negotiate your purchase. However, after looking at the list of parties that you need to be prepared to negotiate with, you’ll realize the value of selecting an educated and experienced real estate broker. For the buyer (who wants the best deal possible) the builder (who has their own way of doing things), to the home inspection companies, to the appraiser, there are at least 11 different people that you will have to be knowledgeable with and answer to, during the process.

4. How much is this home you’re buying really worth?

It is important for the home you're buying to be priced right.  I have not only earned Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) Certification through the National Association of REALTORS® but I also teach this theory class to other agents across the nation. I have shown to have a mastery of the knowledge and skills to select appropriate comparables and make accurate adjustments, guide sellers and buyers through the details of comparative market analyses and the underlying pricing principles that inform them and interact effectively with appraisers. I am well-equipped to guide clients through the anxieties and misperceptions they often have about home values and why not get the most out of your transaction by hiring a professional.

5. Do you know what’s really going on in the market? 

There is so much information out there on the news and the internet about home sales, prices, and mortgage rates; how do you know what’s going on specifically in your area, neighborhood, or subdivision? Who do you turn to when looking to purchase a property to ensure that you do not overpay for the house you are interested in compared to other sales in the neighborhood? How do you know how much to spend on a house in a particular area enabling you to recoup the money you are spending when you decide to sell? Remember, Texas is a non-disclosure state so this information is not public record.

It would also be important to note that you cannot look at a general market statistic or statement about the market.  Every area and price point performs differently and we need to specifically look at the areas of interest to you and the price point you choose to afford.  Remember, you need someone who is going to tell you the truth, not just what they think you want to hear.

The bottom line is that your family’s concerns are, no doubt, of utmost importance to you. After all, what’s more important than the well-being of those you love? When a medical emergency arises, you consult a specialist. When you face a legal issue, you turn to a trusted professional with the experience and skill to handle your needs. It’s the same when it comes to your real estate needs.

You wouldn’t replace the engine in your car without a trusted mechanic and you wouldn't remove your own wisdom teeth. Why would you make one of the most important financial decisions of your life without hiring me?

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